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How do I get my business listed

It is simple, just click on the “Get Listed” button in our menu, create an account and submit your business information.  Or, you can just reach out to us directly via e-mail by using our contact form.  Either way we will ask for your logo (in a professional .ai .eps vector form, or a .png file with transparency background or if your logo doesn’t require a transparent background just send us a .jpg of your logo.  We ask that non-vector logos be at least 700px wide so we can size them for various displays.

We will also ask for a description of your business, the type of your business, website and contact information.

Can I earn money by using your service

Our plan is to get local Oro Valley businesses listed so we can direct more traffic to your website and to your door.  We want to support local businesses to improve the local economy thus benefiting everyone who lives, works and plays in our community.

Why isn’t my listing showing on the homepage

From time-to-time we will feature new listings on the home page or maybe a specific industry.  Your listing will always be searchable by business type and category.  We are focusing on a simple platform to easily direct local shoppers to the best local resource available.

What is the price of posting

FREE! Again, our goal is to support and promote local industry.  We created this service to help promote shopping locally within our community.  The only way that can work effectively is by enabling every business within our city limits to have a FREE listing.

Can I create a profile page for my business

We do plan on offering enhanced listings in the future to help promote and expound on the information within our community.

Can I upload attachments

Presently, the short answer is no you cannot upload attachments.  We may offer that service in our future enhanced listing profile, and we may enable quick access to restaurant menus and monthly specials for service oriented industries but for now the standard listing information will apply.

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